Saint Anne

Saint Anne, to the south of Martinique, is known mainly for its magnificent Salines beach, facing the spectacular Diamond Rock.
Drapeau de la Martinique
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Sunset over Salines, Martinique
Sunset over Salines, Martinique Enlarge
Salines beach, Martinique, FWI
Salines beach, Martinique, FWI Enlarge
Local market, Sainte Anne, Martinique
Local market, Sainte Anne, Martinique Enlarge

This town is a well-known tourist resort in Martinique. Found at the southerly tip of the island, there are numerous white sandy beaches lined with palm trees. The seashore is well preserved and a stroll on foot from Salines beach along the Savane des Pétrifications will give you fantastic views.

Don't miss the village either, with its traditional houses, lively atmosphere, many shops, boutiques and restaurants as well as its small local market.