Cruise around the Island of Martinique

8 days
A dolphin in the bay at St Pierre, Martinique
A dolphin in the bay at St Pierre, Martinique Enlarge
A pelican in a mangrove swamp, Martinique
A pelican in a mangrove swamp, Martinique Enlarge
Sunset at Diamond Rock, Martinique
Sunset at Diamond Rock, Martinique Enlarge
A young sea turtle, Anses d'Arlet, Martinique
A young sea turtle, Anses d'Arlet, Martinique Enlarge
A tiny hummingbird
A tiny hummingbird Enlarge
The main beach at Salines, Saint Anne, Martinique
The main beach at Salines, Saint Anne, Martinique Enlarge
A tropical flower, Martinique
A tropical flower, Martinique Enlarge
Martinique isn't only "The Island of flowers", it's also an island with countless hidden locations where you can drop anchor...

A week of very pleasant cruising will take you on a voyage around Martinique, with its abundant sunshine, coconut palms, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. This is one of the rare islands in the Lesser Antilles that is sheltered by a coral reef - it is a magical holiday resort, off-the-beaten-track and with myriad idyllic coves whose shallow bays are only accessible by catamaran.

However, watch out for  fishermen's baskets, for their nets and lines or for coral ledges hidden just below the surface of the water: we strongly advise you navigate by sight (without instruments) and only when visibility is good; night-time sailing is forbidden and anchor must be dropped by 3 pm at the latest. Our catamarans are particularly well adapted to this type of sailing.

Day 1

Transport from Lamentin Airport to the marina at Le Marin (just 45 minutes).
Boarding your catamaran and a traditional Ti Punch welcome.

If you arrive early in the afternoon and are not too tired after your flight, or if you have a skipper onboard, you can set sail this evening and spend your first night anchored at Saint Anne.
Please note: if you arrive late in the day you can arrange for your holiday provisions to be delivered to your catamaran by a local tradesman who is a specialist in yachting supplies – this will enable you to make a prompt start the following day.

Day 2

Saint Anne, with its expansive beach, is only half an hour's sail from the marina. It is a sheltered bay, with mooring at a depth of 4 metres. You will enjoy the warm ambiance in the village, with its numerous small restaurants and its many and varied souvenir and craft shops.

Next, take a heading into the tradewinds for the east coast of Martinique and moor at an attractive cove called the Baie des Anglais, 2 hours' sail away. This out-of-the-way bay is sheltered by a coral reef that is classed as a natural reserve and local fishermen will be only too happy to set up a lobster barbecue on the beach for visitors.

Day 3

Navigate in the shelter of the coral reef while heading north along the Martinique coastline. The scenery is magnificent and very unspoilt and the seashore is lined with sandy beaches and coconut palms! You will come to the Ilets du François and the famous Baignoire de Joséphine: the turquoise water is at 29°, the beach is powder-white, what a corner of paradise!
A small word of advice: avoid passing through at weekends, when the area can be very popular with visitors.

Day 4

Set sail for the Havre du Robert and you will cruise past the little island of the Loup Garou, a picture-postcard desert island with its 3 palm trees and coral-pink sand. Mooring can be tricky though.

Next in line is the Baie du Robert, where you will have a choice of anchorages:
- Ilet Madame – a sheltered isle inhabited only by iguanas
- Ilet Chance – covered in a mangrove swamp inhabited by iguanas, a strange lush paradise, with an ancient brickworks overgrown with mishapen fig trees.

Day 5

Now is the time for a change of scenery: an hour's sail from here will take you to the Baie aux Trésors, a new nature reserve situated at the tip of the point of La Caravelle. This is a very sheltered and magical spot, with the ruins of the Dubuc castle where a 17th century colony was supposed to have hidden its treasures...the kids will hunt for them and play many-a-game of treasure hunt during the rest of your holiday!

You will skirt the point, navigate for around 2 to 3 hours, then head for either:

  • Tartane and its surfing enthusiasts, a small fishing village with calm moorings yet a lively ambiance
  • or Le Havre de Trinité, which is slightly further along the coast.

Day 6

Today brings a truly eye-catching sail along the lush Martinique coastline. You will cruise along the canal that separates Martinique from the Dominican Republic, with its splendid views and landscapes. The tradewind will drive you along for a 5-hour navigation, culminating at the bay of Saint Pierre with its wide sandy beach and its village at the foot of the Pelée Mountain.You are now in The Caribbean Sea, the water is constantly warm, turquoise and clear – perfect conditions for dolphins and other wild life. Take in all these amazing sights!

Day 7

Your cruise will continue across a sea as calm as a millpond, as you are now on the leeward side of the island. The 4-hour navigation will be as much under sail as with the engines, heading for Les Anses d'Arlet: You will enjoy a stroll around its charming fishing village as well as admiring its underwater scenery, where you can see turtles and shoals of colourful tropical fish.

Day 8

During your 3-hour navigation back to the port of Le Marin you will sail past Diamond Rock, with its impressive scars leftover from the bombardment during the British invasion – this rock was strategically positioned between St Lucia and Martinique and of vital naval importance.

Your cruise is coming to an end, you will have toured the Caribbean islands and coves, seen many wonderful sights and return home with countless fond memories of this colourful part of the world.