La Soufrière

This splendid site is dominated by the view of the Two Pitons.
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The Two Pitons dominate La Soufrière
The 2 Pitons dominate La Soufrière Enlarge
Le souffre émanant du cratère de la Soufrière
Le souffre émanant du cratère de la Soufrière Enlarge

You are in a nature reserve where you cannot drop anchor but must moor up to an available bouy (there is a fixed cost for this and the rangers - otherwise known as boat boys - will come and help you with this manoeuvre).

La Soufrière is an essential place to visit if you are already at the colourful village of Saint Lucia: the still-active volcano can be heard bubbling away and releases impressive jets of sulphurous gases. The skyline is dominated by the Two Pitons.