Saint Lucia

This island gets its charm from the superb mountains, the magnificent beaches and its authentic little villages...
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Soufrière Bay, to the south of Saint Lucia
Soufrière Bay, to the south of Saint Lucia Enlarge

The northern side of this neighbouring island is only a few hours' navigation from the south of Martinique.

The plentiful moorings are found on the Caribbean coast. The hilly landscape offers shelter to the leeward side of the island, which means you need to use the engine due to the lack of wind. A perfect moment to sit down for a meal and enjoy the tranquillity!

Saint Lucia is a great place to stopover for all holiday-makers, whether you are on a weekend cruise or on a trip towards The Grenadines. There are all sorts of activities on offer: duty-free shopping at Castries, snorkelling, Friday night (a street party that takes place every Friday night), walking tours...

Saint Lucia: stopovers and places of interest