St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis form a state composed of 2 main islands, separated by a canal of 3.2 km.
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The bay of St Kitts
The bay of St Kitts Enlarge
South Friars Bay, St Kitts
South Friars Bay, St Kitts Enlarge

These 2 islands are a bit off the beaten track, which means they are not overflowing with tourists and have stayed very true to their origins...

They are quite different from each other: St Kitts, whose official name is St Christopher, is the more cosmopolitan and lively of the two, whereas Nevis is smaller, quieter and calmer.

They each offer magnificent landscapes as a backdrop to the sea, with mountains and some beautiful examples of colonial architecture.

You will experience a warm Rastafarian welcome here.